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Question: The Tips and Tricks Board

Category: Tips and Tricks

What is the Tips and Tricks board?

The Tips and Tricks board contains a collection of manual SMF modifications. For a complete listing of tips and tricks, see the Tips and Tricks index.

Why are some tips and tricks not working?

All tips and tricks in this board have been tested and should be fully functional. If the trick is not working after adding it, this could be because your version of SMF may differ from the that of the tip or trick. All feedback, issues, and questions should be posted in the tip or trick's topic.

How do I submit a tip or trick?

To submit a tip or trick, post it in SMF Coding Discussion along with a message requesting that a moderator or team member move your topic to the Tips and Tricks board. If a team member or moderator feels that your submission is beneficial to other SMF users, we will move it to the Tips and Tricks board.

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