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Question: Multiple Accounts, Same Email

Category: Tips and Tricks

Question: Can I allow multiple accounts to use the same email address?

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Like many people who use SMF for roleplaying (RPG) forums, I found myself frustrated at the restrictions on multiple email addresses. I scoured the forums for solutions, but each time there were none. No one could or was willing to provide a solution for this, citing many reasons not to, and offering a few alternatives.

The best alternative was, and still is, the Multiple Personas Mod by jack. This is simple and easy to use, and works great. The only problem is, you still need to register multiple accounts. But at least this way, you don't have to remember five different passwords if you're careful about account security, and you can easily flip to another account to read a PM if necessary.

But I wanted somthing more. Now that I know a bit more about php, I decided to delve into the code myself. Before I go any further, I must interrupt myself for this.

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