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Question: I Live With Weakness

Category: Miscellaneous

I live with Weakness
and Suffering.
They bring their friend Pain
over too often, and
I don't like her at all.
Pain's the loud and gaudy type
and I feel hushed when she's speaking.
She's always telling me what I can and can't do.

Suffering rarely says anything, but one day
she told me
Pain is an excellent teacher.
I don't know if I believe her.

They eat with me
and tend the children.
Weakness sits closest to me
in the evenings
and throws his heavy arms
around my shoulders uninvited.
My husband doesn't like him at all-
especially since Weakness
can take my breath away
so easily.

Seclusion and Isolation are my very close friends-
and have a sanitized room in my house all winter.
My other friends make fun of them
and say they're killjoys,
or call them rude
and overprotective.

That's only because they hate to answer the door,
and they're suspicious of everyone.

But honestly, I don't blame them
since Sickness is always staring in the windows
with his sunken eyes
and knocking
and knocking
to visit the baby
with his best friend Death.

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