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Winter Health Care Tips

Category: Health
Posted at: Nov 26 2013 1:50PM
Winters and sickness have been, for long, closely associated. Keep our tips handy to boost your immunity and keep those winter blues at bay.

Winter health care tips
  • Boost your immune system: This is a no brainer, to ward off colds and cough, keep your immune system in top notch condition. Make sure your grocery bag is full of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A, C and E (think carrots, oranges, grapefruits and dark leafy vegetables) to ensure your body has a steady flow of ammunition to fight infection.
  • Grab a shut eye: Haven’t you wondered why your eyes refuse to open during winters? Due to longer nights, you tend to sleep more. Don’t fret about it and enjoy the extra napping time that you get, guilt free!
  • Get outdoors: Even though it may be tempting to sit inside the warmth of your house, it’s important that you get some sunshine whenever possible. It’s possible to get depressed if you don’t get enough sunshine. In medical lingo, it’s known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). So step out and soak up the rays when you can.
  • Watch what you eat and drink: Winters are also a time when many people buy themselves a one way ticket to weight gain by reaching for deep fried snacks and hot beverages. It’s important to remember cream based soups and cream laden caffeine drinks aren’t healthy.
  • Stay active: Lethargy affects everyone during the winters. Getting out into the cold weather for your jog or cycling may seem impossible but try and squeeze in a little bit of activity into your winter schedule. Remember to warm up as your muscles are tighter during winters making them more prone to injury. Read our article on how you can stay healthy without hitting the gym.
  • Keep infections from spreading: Wash your hands regularly to keep infections from spreading. Even though this is health tip for all seasons, it’s doubly true during winters when infections and viruses seem to be at their worst.
  • Stay warm: Cover up if you are feeling cold. Don’t wait till your fingers have frozen or your feet have numbed. Wear socks, gloves, scarves, anything to make sure your body is comfortable.
  • Hydrate yourself: It’s normal not to feel thirsty during winters, but keep yourself hydrated. Read our article to know why water is so important during winters. If you don’t feel like drinking water, give your body lots of warm fluids in the form of clear soups and herbal teas.
  • Show your skin some TLC: Your skin probably is the worst affected during winters. Lack of moisture in the air and in your body leaves it dry and flaky. Show it some love and affection, use a deep nourishing cream to ensure your skin stays healthy. Learn to love your skin with our home tips for dry skin.
  • Be heart healthy: Winter is notoriously associated with a rise in heart attacks. The reason for this is still much debated, but the fact remains. So if you are a heart patient, watch what you eat, exercise moderately and head to a hospital if you feel some discomfort. Be safe, watch Dr. Devi Shetty, renowned cardiologist explain how you can prevent a heart attack.

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