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Go Green- Healthy Living for your Family and the Planet

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Posted at: Nov 25 2011 9:15AM
World Oceans Day is June 8, 2011. This years theme is: “Youth: the Next Wave for Change” and has a special focus on getting the young people in our communities inspired to conserve our world’s oceans.

 How can you help get children inspired about ocean conservation? If you live near the ocean, this is an easy task. A trip to the beach or walking in the tide pools is often enough to inspire children to appreciate our marine resources. If you live far from the ocean the inspiration may come from snorkeling on vacation or reading a book.

Author Monika Mira, has been inspiring children to learn more about coral reefs and marine resources with her award winning title, The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book. This year, she is also offering free coloring sheets that include specific steps for protecting coral reefs, and reef etiquette tips for those who visit the reef. Mira helps make learning fun with coloring sheets about all the different fish you may come across on a Hawaiian reef.

Reef Etiquette

1.)Do not stand on, touch, or take any coral; this activity can damage and destroy corals.

2.)Do not feed the fish; this activity can upset the natural balance on the reef. Fish cannot digest some human foods like peas and corn and bread, chips and other human snacks contain oils that coat their eggs and can interfere with reproduction. View them in their natural state.

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