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Durango will have new Photovoltaic Solar Energy Plant

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Posted at: Nov 18 2011 9:31AM
The company Del Sol Systems and Strategic Projects Promoter-Transformer Durango announced the start of the project presented as the first floor of electricity generated by solar energy throughout Latin America. The governor of the state of Durango (located in the far north), Jorge Herrera Caldera, issued the first stage of the construction of the plant, which will also include investment from companies like Skyline, and participation from Spain and Germany.

The plant will be built on an area of three hectares, within the facilities of Logistics and Industrial Durango (CLID), located near the town of Malaga, in the municipality of Durango, near the Durango-Mazatlán highway, this town last where stands one of the largest ports in the country.

According to Ruben Renteria Ontiveros, representative of the Promoter for Strategic Projects – Transformer Durango (also responsible for managing the construction of the CLID, whose conclusion is estimated for 2018), the first solar plant will generate 500 kilowatts, an amount that consume about 600 households, and is expected to involve 20 jobs. In the second stage is intended to generate up to 10 MW.

The initial investment for this plant is 2.3 million (1.7 million euros).

Ontiveros said Renteria for the local newspaper Durango context that “the results of the evaluation conducted globally recognized companies in the field of solar energy generation, indicate that the geo-spatial location of the state of Durango is ideal for solar energy collection, since we get an average of five kilowatts per square meter by 295 days of sunshine per year and an average temperature of 17 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for the production of electricity through solar panels. “

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