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10 Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Android Tablet

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Posted at: Feb 1 2012 11:56AM
Every tablet users wants to get better performance with their device. If you want make your tablet have a better battery life, great performance and a speedy internet browsing experience, then check out these tips and tricks which will make your tablet superior. These tricks works the best on any Android Honeycomb based tablet and most of them will work on Android Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich also.

1. Wi-Fi Sleep Policy

The first want in any Android owners list is a battery life for their Android tablet. Actually the Android OS is running even when your tablet is in sleep mode; therefore a better way to extend the battery life is to turn off the Wi-Fi whenever the tablet is in sleep mode. You can do this automatically by selecting Wi-Fi Sleep Policy in the tablet’s wireless and network settings.

2. Activate Hidden Browser Settings

Tablets are best device for reading and browsing internet. You can do a lot more with your browser with the hidden browser settings. To activate the hidden settings you just need to type ‘about:bebug’ in the Android browser address bar and press enter,  then a new debug menu will appear where you can change the settings to make your browser faster and smarter.

3. Browser Debug Menu

After the hidden debug menu is activated it provides number of settings which includes settings like normal render, enable light touch, JavaScript console and visual indicator. All these changes in settings will affect the web page loading time. Choose the settings which are required. The settings will automatically reset to default if the device is restarted and will improve the tablets internet browsing performance.

4. Desktop Browser on Tablet

You can change the view of the browser from Android to a desktop view in the hidden debug settings menu. You just have to change the Android option to Desktop in the UAstring tab and save the settings, now you can enjoy the full featured desktop browser on your Android device. These changes will remain same until you change it manually.

5. Speed up the Browser

The activation of hidden debug menu provides a number of setting to speed up the internet experience. There is an option called Enable OpenGL Rendering in the debug menu. You have to deselect the option for faster browsing. But this setting works for only some of the website to load faster.

6. Advanced Controls

An android tablet has labs option for providing advanced controls functionality. One such function is to enable the quick controls, which provides wheel type controls on the sides of the browser. By enabling this function, the entire screen of your tablet will be dedicated for browser and you can just slide on either side to access the advance wheel controls.

7. App uninstaller

All the Android Honeycomb tablets come with easy uninstaller settings in the application manager. You have to just hold and drag the unwanted application’s icon to the remove icon for uninstalling. This will helps to recover the unwanted space and can provide better performance. Only the apps which are in the application launcher screen will be uninstalled by dragging to trash, not the apps which are in the home screen.

8. Customize the Home Screen

This is the best way to save energy by adding shortcut icon on the home screen. This helps to access your favorite application in just one click. There is an easy way to customize the home screen, just tap and hold the empty slot or tap the (+)add button on the top right of the display. This opens the window of home screen customization display. Now you can add as many as application on the home screen.

9. Dolphin Browser HD

Well Android has a good browser, but the Dolphin Browser HD is available for free in the Android market. The Dolphin Browser HD has a long list of useful features as in the desktop browsers. This browser supports add-on application like Evernote, which saves the webpage in the cloud in just on tap.

10. Skitch add-on for Browser

Dolphin Browser HD has one more add on named Skitch add-on by Evernote. The Skitch add-on allows you to sketch the web page and share the screen shot directly from the Dolphin browser. There are number of useful features in the Skitch add-on and the interesting one is the feature which lets you to sketch, capture and share the image.

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